Bull terrier price: how much does a bull terrier cost?

Everything in life comes with a price, and so do bull terriers, don’t they? What is an average bull terrier price?

Bull terrier price: free. Just adopt!

Well, it depends. You can get a bull terrier for free if you rescue one from bull terrier rescue. By rescuing a bull terrier, you are giving not only a loving home, but also a second chance at life to a dog in trouble.

Of course, dogs don’t end up in rescue for no reason, and often bull terriers in rescue can have special needs or behavioural issues. Both of these, however, are issues you can overcome if you are really dedicated to being a good bull terrier owner and helping out a dog in need. You can read more about it in this article.

Adoption fees in rescue are normally much lower than what you would pay for a bull terrier to a breeder, and are around $100 – $400 depending on where you are adopting your bull terrier from.

Other than rescuing a bull terrier and paying a modest adoption fee, you can buy a puppy from a breeder. Here the price will also depend on who you are buying from, but there are some general numbers you will probably see out there depending on the quality of the puppy you are planning to buy.

Bull terrier price: buying a top quality show dog

One thing that has to be said here is: be very careful with who you buy from. Make sure they are a reputable breeder, registered with AKC or another organisation in your area if you are outside of the US. Make sure that they do genetic health testing of their adult dogs and puppies, and that they adhere to other standards of good breeding.

A dog that’s not well bred might have inherited aggression or other character flaws, or various health issues that you will have to deal with. Buying from a reputable breeder is a guarantee that you will most likely not have such issues with your dog.

If you are buying from a good breeder, a bull terrier price will vary depending on the quality of the dog. Probably sounds strange to you – can one dog be better than another? Well, in the breeding world yes, absolutely, there are a lot of differences between different dogs.

Dogs that have higher percentage of champion bloodlines (their parent or both parents were champions), can be show quality dogs – the dogs that can be shown at dog shows and may themselves get awards. These dogs are often used for breeding to get more high-quality puppies.

A show quality bull terrier can cost anywhere from $1600 to $1700 or more. Buying a show quality dog, you get an opportunity to participate in dog shows with your dog, possibly take awards and maybe even become famous in the world of the breed.

A show quality dog is a dog that is the closest to the breed standard from the litter. Very often a breeder won’t even sell you a show quality bull terrier, because they may want to keep the dog to themselves – so they can show the dog and use it for breeding further generations.

If someone is selling you a show quality dog, always make sure they are a reputable breeder who is a member of your local (country / state / regional) bull terrier organisation. You can also ask about the names and titles of the parents and research the pedigree of your future puppy in an online pedigree database. (Your breeder can help you with that).

Pet quality

A lower quality dog that can still be shown at dog shows may cost as low as $800, but you get less champion blood in such dog and potentially some faults that take it farther away from the breed standard. This doesn’t mean it isn’t a good dog, just that you have fewer chances of getting awards at shows (if you are inclined to show your dog at all. Most pet owners don’t.)

Higher quality show and high quality pet dogs from a good breeder will always be thoroughly genetically tested and well bred to exclude any faults in appearance and temperament. This is a good guarantee that you will get a healthy and mentally stable dog without aggression or other personality issues.

A bull terrier that costs under $800 is usually not a high quality dog, without champion blood lines and potentially problematic in terms of health and temperament. If a breeder is willing to sell a dog in this price range, they might not be the most reputable breeder out there, may not be a part of a local/regional bull terrier club and might not give yo a strong guarantee of the dog’s health.

If anyone offers you a bull terrier for much lower than $800, it might be a bad sign of someone who breeds dogs in their back yard and is only in it for some quick cash. Avoid dealing with this type of breeder and look somewhere else.

Why are bull terriers so expensive?

You may think $1600 and more is too hefty of a price to pay for a dog. However, that’s about how much any pure bred, well bred dog costs, regardless of breed. There are several aspects that are calculated into this price.

First of all, breeding good, high quality dogs is a costly business. Showing a dog to get championship title, finding a breeding partner, breeding process, raising puppies, vet support etc – all of this comes up to a very high price for a breeder to produce a small litter of healthy, well-temperamented dogs.

Every step of this journey is expensive. Of course some of it (or most of it) is eventually passed on to the dog buyer. The good side here is that you are really getting a very good dog that you aren’t going to have issues with.

The other thing is you need to be prepared, ready and capable of some significant financial investments if you are buying a dog. Your expenses are going to grow. You will have to afford food, toys, beds, crates, possible puppy classes and dog sitters, to make your dog’s life comfortable.

If the initial price of the dog seems like too much to you, maybe you are not in the right place yet to get a dog. And I didn’t even mention possible vet costs if your dog has an accident or gets ill. Vet costs can huge even with minor issues. Consider that when you are buying a dog. Will you be able to afford something like that?

Ideally you should feel comfortable with parting with $1500 and more just to get your dog. After all, you are getting a best friend and a loyal companion for the next 15 years of your life! However, it is a very important decision to make and you should approach it responsibly. In any case, I wish you good luck in finding your bull terrier, hopefully for the right price.




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